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Separate domain and implementation in Accelerator solution

The Litium platform has separated domain models (Abstraction projects) from the implementations (Application projects) in separate nuget packages so that i only need dependencies on the Abstractions. But the Accelerator has both abstract classes and their implementation in the Litium.Accelerator-project reducing the benefit of this separation.

Currently when I want to add custom code to a new project I am basically required to place all custom code in the accelerator project, I would prefer to place my solution specific code in a separate class library for clear separation and better reusability - but this is basically impossible without getting circular dependencies (since I want to consume services in the accelerator project and at the same time create features that the Accelerator should use).

Suggested new solution setup:

  • Litium.Accelerator.Abstractions (all interfaces and abstract classes for accelerator and custom)
  • Litium.Accelerator.Application (only implementations of interfaces and abstract classes)
  • Custom.Application (or similar name, empty project to hold custom code)
  • Mårten Wahlund
  • Feb 7 2020
  • Future consideration
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