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One link fieldType to rule them all (better link support in CMS blocks)

As default in the Accelerator, CMS blocks can only link to pages, which is not enough for our customers and thus drives time in almost all projects.

Litium is using the "Pointer" for CMS Urls, and that is typically a bad option, there should exist a FieldType for URLs where the editor easily can link to either pages, external links, categories, sub-categories or products.

And of course, making sure the internal links are relative so that they are working after go-live.

  • Ludvig Bergander
  • Apr 9 2021
  • Needs review
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  • Nils Nyman commented
    14 Sep 01:48pm

    From my experience, only having page links as the default implementation is too restrictive. Sometimes I want to link to a specific product or category. The old CMS had almost all - if not actually all - of these by default.

  • Ton Nguyen commented
    31 Aug 07:03am

    I am curious, what else do you and your customers want Block to link to, other than pages? And when you say link, do you mean block can be dropped only into pages?