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Define field and field templates using json configuration files

More or less every Litium project begins with removing and adding fields and field templates trough code. Every time you create a new block or need to store data on an entity you need to update the field template.

Having the option to define fields and field templates through code is important, since using the backoffice is tedious, potentially unsafe and it creates a lot of hazzle when deploying to test and production - which fields have been defined in code and which have only been defined using the back office?

So, defining field and field templates in code is an important feature today. You can be certain that the correct fields are deployed to all environments. However, an important initiative for Litium is to move towards configuration rather than development regarding the basic platform functionality. The end goal is to allow for automatic updates of the platform (which would add a great customer value). In order to enable automatic updates we need to remove the need to customize each customers .Net-solution.

Basic configuration like field and field template definitions should be done through easy-to-understand json configuration files (similar to docker compose) rather than through coding. The option to do certain configuration using the backoffice should also remain.

Another benefit with json files is that business consultants easily could create the field models without having to know .Net-development or adding the fields in backoffice one by one. You could simply import and export json definition files containing the whole field model.

A first step would be to add the option to define field and field templates using json without removing the option to do the same in code. You should also be able to export the field and field definitions to json using a button the backoffice.

  • Henrik Lundin
  • Sep 23 2023
  • Shipped
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  • Admin
    Ludvig Block commented
    9 Apr 01:00pm


    We marked this as shipped based on the abilities in the Storefront CLI to configure fields and field templates.

  • Admin
    Patric Forsgard commented
    5 Oct, 2023 02:51pm

    With the Litium Storefront CLI we added the ability to export and import the model based on YAML.

    Will that fulfill your needs?

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