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Ability to set unique product price directly in campaign tool


If you create one campaign on lets say 20 products with different discounts it would be more time effective to set a cheaper price directly in the campaign tool.

A solution could be that once you've chosen the products, a table appears where you set the different prices on each item.

In this scenario the campaign price lists is not effective enough to work with.

  • David Anevik
  • Mar 17 2023
  • Not right now
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  • Jonas Olsson commented
    24 Mar, 2023 01:27pm

    Thanks for reviewing this Ludvig.

    The discount type "Discounted product price" means that if i add a product, and then a discount of 50 SEK, the product will cost 50 SEK (see attached files).

    What we would need is the option to add several products in "Product discount in % or amount off" to say that item A has a 10% discount, item B has a 15% discount, instead of adding separate discounts for separate products.

    Or if i add two products and say 50 SEK discount on item A, and 30 SEK discount on item B, it would give the customer a 50/30 SEK discount and not set the discounted price to 50/30 SEK.

    At the moment it's only possible to set one discount for all the products listed in the campaign.

    I hope it's clear enough. Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Admin
    Ludvig Block commented
    24 Mar, 2023 11:43am


    After first reading I thought you meant the discount type: "Discounted product price". In this discount type, there is a table view looking to be what the user is after, see attachment.

    Is it that the user is after the same UI principle as in the attached image but for the discount type "Product discount in % or amount off"?

  • David Anevik commented
    21 Mar, 2023 09:20am

    After some thought, it was the ability to set a "price off" a product that was the main use case. But both choices might be needed.