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Add more conditions to "Cart Amount" on Discount

Background & Use Case

Currently in L8 it is possible to add Cart Amount conditions to a discount of type "Cart Amount" and "Product Selection" (price lists)

But this is a bit to limited, example use case is "Buy 2 of those products to get a Gift"


Add possibility to select minium amount of products you need to have in your cart.

Also, for product selection it would be nice to be able to either pick a product list or a product.

  • Björn Carling
  • Mar 2 2023
  • Planned
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  • Adam Clettborn commented
    17 Oct 02:07pm

    An additional idea to the minimum amount of products that you need in your cart would be to add a "direction", like "More than, or equal to X" or "Less than, or equal to X". This would give more freedom in how you would use the limit, not just "at least X in cart"

  • David Anevik commented
    21 Mar 09:19am

    Also, for product selection you should be able to choose a product or a product category.