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Ability to list all unused images and choose what to delete

As time goes lot's of products is no longer sold and get deleted or unpublished. When you delete products you might forget about the media for that product. The same goes for web pages. The solution will end up with LOTS of media that is not used. This in turn takes disk space in Litium Cloud. As the customer have a max disk usage in the agreements, they have a risk of unnecessary costs.

We would like the ability for the customer to list all images that is not used. Then have the option to delete and export them. The customer can then remove unused media to save space, but at the same time save a copy as a backup if they need them again later on.

A bonus function would be to also remove orphaned images that only exists on disk but not in DB (if any).

  • Daniel Hultgren
  • Jun 16 2021
  • Needs review
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